About Diego

Diego Embodies the American Dream

Diego was born in Uruguay in 1975. The house was a one room shack with no glass in the windows and no running water. However, it did provide shelter from the rain and heat. The family would have to trek two miles each way so that they could bring water home in buckets that they heated to cook with and bathe. Life was hardly easy, nevertheless they got by, but only barely. Diego talks about how one roll of French bread had to feed the family of 6 for a week.

In 1983 just before Diego and his 3 sisters and 3 brothers were put into an orphanage by the Government, his mother and the family immigrated to the United States when he was 6 years old. They settled in Stockton, California were his mother worked as a waitress to provide food and shelter for the family.

Due to the hardship of providing for such a large family, Diego and his older brother had to move in with his grandma while his other sisters and brothers lived with his mom. When Diego was ten, he and his older brother both had paper routes to make money that their grandma took. Life wasn’t easy living with grandma. She was extremely tough on the two boys but she did teach them how to cook, do laundry and sew and iron clothes.

When Diego was 14 years old the family moved to the small agricultural town of Sonora in Tuolumne County. There he began to work as a busboy, a line cook and eventually at age 16 became the head cook of another nearby restaurant.

For the next 3 years Diego would move from restaurant cooking to working in a lumber yard where he learned to operate heavy equipment. While working during the day he continued his high school education at night and graduated from continuation high school in 1994. On weekend nights Diego would work at a Spanish radio station in Merced and eventually started his first business, a small DJ company. The family didn’t have much, but at least he was able to help keep a roof over their head and food on the table.

Always trying to improve his lot in life, Diego changed careers in 2001 and started working in the automotive industry where he promoted to General Manager of a dealership. His success as a GM and the skills he learned prepared him to walk into other failing agencies during the 2007-2008 economic recession and turn those agencies around. Not only did he succeed with turning these agencies around, 2008 also memorialized the most important milestone in Diego’s life. With unwavering determination, hard work and clear focus Diego became a US Citizen.

In 2016 Diego decided to go into business for himself. He wanted to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and open his own bail bond business. He headed back to Sonora to work for his brother for two years to learn and prepare for his license.

While working for his brother, Diego also went back to the automobile business, so he could save money to open up his own business. A year later he opened up his new business in the small town of San Andreas located in Mark Twain’s made famous Calaveras County.

From the time Diego stepped foot on American soil at age 6 he never stopped working toward achieving his dream to become an American Citizen. To this day nothing has been more important than that day in 2008 when he raised his right hand and took the oath to protect and defend. In his own words Diego says:

“I’m proud to have become an American Citizen and proud to call California my home. This is why I have decided to run for Governor of California. I have watched career politicians make laws, over tax and over regulate our State. I have watched our State go from a small business friendly environment to an almost punitive attitude toward small business forcing many to leave the State.

I care for our State and our future. I worry that if we the people don’t take back our State soon, there won’t be a State to take back or to fight for. It’s time we put a real Californian in office. A Blue-collar person who will stand and fight for the California people not the Special Interests who are intertwined with the elite chosen few.

I’m not a career politician nor do I ever want to be. However, I feel now is the time that we the people need to come together to defend our God given rights afforded to us under the US Constitution as well as the California State Constitution. I am running for Governor so I can give voice to the real California people not just the elite class. I stand for real solutions for real California problems.”

Diego exemplifies the American Dream of equal opportunity, merit-based achievement, and the pursuit of happiness, all hallmarks of the American experience. Diego has stamped his name into the fabric of this Country and sealed it with his gratitude.