California Vision

Diego’s Vision for California

In 2008 Diego succeeded in realizing his mother’s dream for him. He stood and took the oath to become a citizen of United States. In doing so, Diego made himself a promise that he would always try to settle up his account with God and his mother who sacrificed so much for him.

While living and working in California since he was 6 years old, Diego saw the hardship that so many Californians have had to struggle with every day.

He witnessed the results of high taxes, business over regulation, out of control crime, over crowded freeways, failing schools, water shortages, electrical brown outs, mismanaged forest and wildland fires, the weaponization of CEQA, one party rule, out of control unions, misguided energy policy, pot holes, decaying bridges, immigration, sanctuary cities, moral decay, our loss of freedoms, inflation, social and racial unrest and most recently Governor Newsom’s scandalous response to Covid 19 and his business killing lockdowns.


As Governor, Diego will take on the Special Interest and deal with a Dysfunctional Bureaucracy

  • He will fight to overturn Jones vs the City of Los Angeles, He will build state-run encampments and fight the Homeless Industrial Complex who continue to abuse the taxpayers and don’t ever accomplish anything.


  • Diego is willing to stand up to the teachers’ union and fight for school choice via universal vouchers where the money follows the student. In 2000 Proposition 38 (school vouchers) went down in flame by 70 to 30. But today’s environment is different now. Partly because of Covid-19 parents have finally recognized the crap being shoved down their kid’s throats. They may have been OK with spending $20,000 per student until they found out that their kids aren’t be taught, but instead being indoctrinated with Marxist and Socialistic ideas and other anti-American divisive lesson plans.


  • Diego will fight to bring back logging to 1990 levels (triple what it is today) so we can thin the overgrown forests and at the same time the timber companies will clear around the power lines and maintain firebreaks and fire roads as they did in the past.


  • Diego will lay out the facts about open space, that we really aren’t running out of it. He will fight to streamline the approval process and allow permitting of subdivisions on open land along the major freeway corridors up and down the state.


  • Diego will spend public money on water infrastructure, repairing and building reservoirs, aquifer storage, desalination, sewage-gray water, rain harvesting and underground storage instead of putting Californians and farmers onto water rationing.


  • Diego will tell the truth, that we ought to drill for more natural gas here in resource-rich California and that he will stop the dismantling of California’s natural gas distribution system.


  • Diego will keep the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant open. He will support mining California’s abundant lithium deposits so California’s EV battery suppliers don’t have to import these raw materials from Countries that don’t like us.


  • Diego will work with farmers to develop alternative watering methods that will save water but still keeps the crops growing without cutting down on usable farming acreage. We can’t continue to lose money from our number one commodity because we can’t get water to the farmers.


  • Diego will invest in widening and extending California’s roads and freeways instead of wasting money on high-speed rail. He will concentrate on roads used by truckers to move products interstate and intrastate so that trucking costs stay low and trucks and autos aren’t competing for the same space. In some cases, it’s as simple as adding one additional lane and teaching the driving public that the fast lane is for passing not sitting in it going 55 when the speed limit is 65 or 70. He will allocate money for an electric charging system grid thought California’s most traveled arteries to handle long range travel throughout the State for the growing EV industry.


  • Diego will tell the “Identity Politics Warriors and Social Justice Warriors” that they’re barking up the wrong tree, that California is not “racist,” and he will make the teaching of CRT or any other divisive Marxist, Socialist propaganda off limits in California school K-12.

Diego knows that these are bold positions that will make a positive difference in the lives of ordinary Californians. Diego also knows that getting these policies through California’s corrupt State Legislatures will be difficult. However, as Diego sees it, he is ready for the challenge as the stakes are too high not to try.

Diego knows that if he can convince the voters of the rationale of each of these positions, he could shape a consensus among voters. That means that Diego could bypass the State Legislators and go straight to the voters in the form of a State Ballot initiative to get his agenda through.

Diego is well position to attract the Hispanic vote as well as conservatives, independents and even some democrats that are tired of seeing California fail.

More than ever, California really needs someone like Diego who can turn this State around with bold California Solutions for California’s Problems.